「❥Rolanberry Scholar



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knowledge is greater than all else


「❥ About the Berry


❥ name:Camille
❥ age: 25
❥ height: 5'4.5"
❥ hair: rose pink
❥ eyes: Seagreen
❥ Profession: scholar & appraiser
❥ Nickname: Bubblegum Princess, Rose-hued Sweet, Berry Nerd

AboutCamille !

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An arcanist and healer by training, Camille is a clever young woman with a constant stream of questions and a need to learn. A lover of numbers, aether studies, music, and fishing, Camille is a quirky scholar and chatty appraiser of artifacts.

RoseyGeometries !

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The child of a Vylbrandian historian and an Ala Mhigan Medic, Camille has a serious sense of pride and impatience. Curious and chatty, she takes an interest in everything though it's difficult to get her to talk about herself.


「❥ Berry Family



 ▰   Intense & Brilliant Husband !

The flawless Dalamiq and constant focus of thought. An incredibly clever summoner with a stoic glare and impossible to read expression. Enkhjargal is her most precious confidant and stalwart support in all her research. The eternally fascinating center of her universe.


 ▰   mysterious & distant sister!

Much elder sister with a penchant for disappearing. Often at odds, yet always there with sage advice.


 ▰   punchy & goofy cousin !

a second cousin twice removed and one of the few remaining of the familial line. Trained as a Fist of Rhalgr, a talented smithy, and a knowledgeable mage of impressive skill, Fenix and his wife A'eyshn are a quirky pair.


「❥ Berry Friends



 ▰  gothic & thoughtful friend!

A source of patience, calm, and knowledge, Roman is a talented mortician and alchemist. He's a much needed source of introspection and thought before action.


 ▰   maybe he's always ready !

A quip filled, quick footed, possibly insane medic of Apocrypha. It's impossible not to be fond of the quirky man and enjoy his blunt, but well placed comments.


 ▰  Dark Knight & most fashionable!

Fervent in his moral compass, musing in his quiet listening, and pompous to a charming fault. Alexois is a shy in his friendship, but absolute in his loyalties.


 ▰  Knights Dragoon!

Arlene is the sworn knight and stalwart shield, ready to protect at any time. A trained Knights Dragoon that has lost the glamour disguising her, this temperamental half-Viera, half-Elezen is tactically clever but awkward socially.


 ▰  Owns he best hats!

Quirky, strange, and always in a charming hat, Luto is adorable but insane. Always ready with a quick suggestion and entirely unquestioning in any task so long as she's paid, Luto is a strange friend.



「❥ Berry History


BeforeCalamity !

 ▰   A shy child !

Limsan by birth, Camille was a quiet child that admired her older siblings immensely and in constant study. She desired to follow in her older brother's footsteps and become a bard, thoughwith a family so deeply immersed in the study of aetherial arts, she was set on the path of a healer and sent to elocution lessons to erase most of her Vylbrandian accent. Her father was an officer in the Maelstrom and her mother a medic. After the Battle of Cartenau, the fragments of her family moved to Gridania and Camille was sent to study for a few years at the Fane.

ThePresent !

 ▰   Berry Auctioneer !

Camille is the accountant and the head of appraisals for Apocrypha Auctions. She devotes the majority of her time to scholarly pursuits, as well as collecting or studying things which probably ought be left alone.


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